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Hey! I’m back and made it out alive from my first two opening shifts by myself. The first day I had to make 4 moscow mules, a whiskey sour, and serve some beers. The second opening shift was so chill. My boyfriend was my only customer, and I made him a mediocre Mai Tai. Hehe. He still loved it since it was made from me with love. 🙂

My only concerns with my new jobs are the location + time and the fact that everybody has a negative opinion about working at these places. So many people in the bar scene say they’re sorry for me and that I’ll find out sooner than later what sucks about it. It is very annoying as I have been having such a positive experience. I’m going to stop telling people that I work there casually. The dramatic opinions in addition to a thick layer of mystery is just way too gossipy and ridiculous to me. I personally enjoy working for small businesses and serving high end cocktails. For now. This job isn’t my end all. Owning a small business of my own would be the dream.

I feel like a jerk, but I totally bailed on my salon job this morning. I have to work every friday and saturday from 5 to 1 a.m. and the salon wants me every saturday from 9-2. My parents and boyfriend completely supported me in not going as it is 20 minutes away and I am only paid 9$ under the table. Most jobs are a dime a dozen. But, don’t be like me and actually finish your two weeks. I always have in the past, but I was too drained.

I start school in two weeks. It will be interesting to see how I manage a condensed course and a full work schedule! (another reason the salon job had to go)

My work ethic has improved working at the restaurant and the lounge. I’ve always found that each job teaches you something new. 🙂 Some new skill, life lesson, common sense, ect.

I’m such a reserved, awkward, and generally stoned person that  I just really don’t enjoy making conversation with people. That is the hardest aspect of the job is simply carrying a conversation. I always get stuck and don’t know what else to say, can’t relate, or I’m just really not interested in talking to them. LOL. My interpersonal skills are dirt. But, I still love myself of course and use what I can to my advantage. Often I compliment the customer and talk about superficial things, like what they’re wearing. I try to make myself a conversation piece as well by doing my hair or wearing something eye catching. I often times really on my cuteness or quirkiness to make people laugh or smile. Talking to people in general is extremely exhausting to me though. The only people I can talk to and not feel like I want to hide in a corner is with my parents and my boyfriend… and at times I can even be so awkward with them!

We’re all super different people with so many layers.

Have fun getting to know yourself and don’t stress too much about your quirks. ♥

Everybody just wants to be loved.

Photos taken and edited by Misery Cloud

What I'm Wearing:
Sunglasses- ZeroUV
Romper- Vintage
Clutch- Can't remember :/
Socks- Journey's
Heels- Forever 21

Thanks for reading...
Love, Kendall Sanchez


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