Hello friends! I realize that it has been a year since I took the jump from natural to colored hair! I created this post to document that journey while also giving my tips about achieving silver hair(also applies to pastels). It’s a desire I often see people online and in real life express. I work as a receptionist at a salon part time and I’ve seen girls so disappointed when they find out that they can’t go from box dye black to silver hair in 4 hours. There are a few things you should know before taking the dive. I hope that my journey can help to guide someone else on their own. Be bold and daring always!

Below I will describe my journey to achieving silver hair

My Journey to Silver Hair

1) THE PROCESS: Achieving silver hair takes a lot of patience and work. Do not walk into any salon with box dyed hair or naturally dark hair expecting silver shades that day. First of all, whoever does your hair is going to roll their eyes and tell you the disappointing news that they can’t give you what you want! For silver to take, your hair must not have any yellow/brassy tones, and should be platinum, which takes time. Think of your hair as a canvas. To achieve a color as light as silver, you have to start with a ‘blank’ canvas, which in the hair world is platinum.(This applies to achieving pastel hair as well) My natural hair color is the darkest chocolate brown, so for me to achieve platinum hair it took from December 2015 up until September 2016. This consisted of 3 bleachings total and 2 bleach rinses. These were spaced out by at least 2 months each and was well worth it. Now my hair feels better than most people I know with color treated hair. Be the patient girl(or boy) with gorgeous colored hair and not a fried mess of regret.

2) DEALING WITH THE AWKWARD STAGES: Many people do not enjoy the awkward in between colors you must go through in order to achieve platinum hair. For this reason many people cannot commit to their hair color goal or rush and cause unnecessary damage!  Honey, everyone has to go through it and it’s really about what you make of it! I suggest trying out fun colors in the mean time on your journey to silver locks. My hair was always colored with Joico which faded beautifully each time no matter what the color was. I have heard people complain that blue permanently stains hair, but I disagree. With Joico my hair faded perfectly well back to the blonde waiting underneath. I’ve enjoyed every stage of my hair. When I had my hair lifted for the first time in Dec. 2015, my hair was completely virgin(preferable with drastic hair changes), and it turned out a nice orangey ginger shade. We then used Joico’s lavender at my roots (helps tone the yellow) and hot magenta throughout the rest of my hair. It looked fantastic, covered any brassy colors, and faded beautifully. I don’t think anyone should ever trip out about their roots growing out or hair color fading. It looks cool as heck! Sometimes the pastels my hair fades to with each wash makes me happier than the color it was first dyed. 🙂

3) MAINTENANCE: Silver hair fades faster than any other color I have tried which includes orange, yellow, pink, blue, purple, and green. Prepare yourself for weekly/bi-weekly maintenance for silver locks. A sulfate/paraben free and purple shampoo and conditioner help tons. Dry shampoo is great to avoid unnecessary hair washing. I tend to avoid washing my hair at all costs, usually only 2-3 times a week. Going in to a salon or beauty school(much cheaper, same stuff) once every two weeks for a deep conditioning helps immensely with the hair damage you may experience. There are always at home deep conditioning treatments that work great too! Although, at salons you’re able to deep condition with your head under a dryer which will penetrate conditioning goodness into your hair much better. I will list some of my favorite color treated approved hair products below. <3

4) THE PRICE FOR BEAUTIFUL HAIR: My first bleaching and color session cost $160. Luckily my boyfriend purchased it for me as a Christmas gift! Expect to pay big money if you’re going to commit to blonde/colored hair. You truly do get what you pay for. I suggest looking on instagram for local hair stylists with a knack for the hair color you desire and hit them up! The next time I had my hair done cost $100 there after, which included roots bleached, bleach rinse, and color. Preferably I would get it touched up every month to a month and a half. Around May I was so broke I couldn’t keep up with my usual hair routine. Since then I have let me roots grow out which are about 2 and a half inches long now! I like the grown out look so I don’t mind, but I know this isn’t something everyone wants to play off. So expect to pay about $100 every couple months to keep your roots at bay and color poppin’. Especially if you do plan on having silver hair, you’ll need to get it toned every two weeks. If you can’t commit to that, you may want to reconsider going through with an all over bleaching. An ombre is always a perfect alternative and much easier to maintain.

My natural, virgin hair.

Day after my first bleach and coloring. Joico lavender roots and Manic Panic hot magenta. P.S. if you get your hair done for $100+ at a salon, they should NOT use manic panic. It’s lame since you can buy it yourself for cheap and it fades extremely fast. Ask about what your stylist is using and make sure it is salon quality: Joico, Pravana, Ect.

After a month, my hair faded to this cute ginger color with some of the purple remaining at the roots. Still very pretty!
The hair color I got next was a LOT of fun. I had become obsessed with Hayley Williams half and half hair from a few years ago. This also included another bleaching. Again, I spent too much considering my stylist used Joico Fiery Coral on one half (great) and hot magenta Manic Panic on the other half (poop). Basically after a week the ‘half and half’ look was no longer visible, as the manic panic faded into the orange color. :/ Disappointing. Again, be sure you know what product you’re paying for.

This is how the half and half hair faded over time. The half and half was fun because I could part my hair in different ways to blend it all! It looks amazing with braids, in a bun, and curled!

Before my trip to Washington to visit my family I dyed it peacock colors! This is a mixture of Joico blues, green, and purple. It probably complimented my skin tone the best and was beautiful!!!

My hair faded to this really pretty muddy, silvery, greenish color. I know that probably sounds horrible, but I worked it! I very much enjoyed it 🙂

I wanted to try every color in the rainbow on my journey, so for the first time I went to someone other than my hair lady I started out with. The chick was a friend of a friend, but she sucked. She charged me $75 to throw yellow hair dye on my hair, not do my roots, or bleach any of my hair. It wasn’t what I envisioned. Maybe it’s best that she did not bleach my hair since my friend who recommended her to me ended up with her beautiful shoulder length hair fried up to the tops of her ears. The stylist did not pay attention to the clock and left my friend’s bleach on too long. It was a sad day and she is still bummed. 🙁 If that happened to me I would go straight to a pixie or buzz cut. Forget fried hair!!! Also, unless you have the right skin tone, yellow is probably best used as an accent color. This is my least favorite color on me. I felt very uninspired by it.

The yellow was short lived, I only had it for about a month and it faded quite a bit. I let my friend in beauty school do a bleaching with olaplex all over my head. She then was able to tone my hair to a beautiful silver shade!!! She did such a good job creating this silver hair. 🙂

I went in two weeks later to have the color redone. 🙂 See what I’m saying about dark roots? It can actually add dimension to your look.

My hair was finally platinum once my silver hair faded!!! This is the look I sported at Beach Goth 2016.

I grew bored and felt washed out with the platinum hair, so I went ahead and used magenta from RAW at home. I would not recommend the RAW brand as it stains your hair instead of displacing the color like professional dyes. It turned out okay, but I wanted a more pastel color. I failed at mixing it correctly!

My hair faded sooooooooo PRETTY. So no complaints there.


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I work at a salon now and I let one of my favorite gals do my hair. I LOVE the outcome! It looks so beautiful. I couldn’t be happier! The color compliments my eyes and skin tone very well. And… I bleached my roots finally!

Well, I hope that this hair journey of mine helps someone else to make better choices throughout the process. These are just my opinions, but take what advice you will. <3 Comment below if you have any questions. I’m going to keep this post updated with all of my future hair colors. I actually have an appointment at the salon I work at on Jan. 16th! Can’t wait to share the new style with you all!


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