Kitty Crop Top/Sunglasses-

Hey guys!
Ah! I was doing so good updating my blog almost daily earlier this month!!! What happened!? I got sick 🙁 Been suffering with a big fat ear ache and sore throat, sniffles, all the works of a classic cold. But, I am back! And… the extensions are back! Well, just for today.
Your Eyes Lie sent me a pretty cool care package with some various goodies. I generally cringe at the site of galaxy leggings now because they’re so overworn, but I like these since they remind me more of spray paint, paint splatters, and maybe bird shit. I like them! I paired these babies with a cute kitty crop top I received recently from Romwe. I’m not a huge cat fanatic, but hey, this dude is a pretty kitty.
Hope y’all enjoy♥

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