I thought I would share 10 simple things that give me joy ♥️


  1. Wearing an outfit that makes me feel like one of a kind!
  2. Going to sleep with my boyfriend. I feel extra comfy.
  3. The care-free fun days with my family!
  4. Getting good grades.
  5. Putting on makeup and doing my hair.
  6. Sending snail mail!
  7. The laughter drag queens bring me.
  8. Learning animal facts and playing with dogs!
  9. Playing Pokémon.
  10. Daydreaming in nostalgia and the future.

What I'm wearing:

Hat, earrings- Forever 21

Fish net top- Dollskill

Tube top- Beautiful Sequence

Belt, necklace- wildest dreams

Suit- Vintage

Boots- Jeffrey Campbell

Hope you all love this outfit! Share some of your favorite simple joys ♥️

Xoxo, Kendall

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