Long time no see everyone! Between attending school full-time and working, I didn’t stand much of a chance of blogging. Now that I’m all done with college at the moment, I’m going to use this winter break to give my blog LOVE!!! It really does lighten my heart up with joy to create images like these. ♥️

What have I been up to? Well, I’ve been inching closer and closer to obtaining my AA in communications. I really enjoy the community college that I attend as opposed to the university in town! The teachers are really great for the most part and I’ve made friends in all of my classes. It was a huge relief to be able to attend school full-time with the blessing of financial aid! Never take financial aid for granted, it’s amazing if you have it!!!

My favorite class this semester had to be my critical thinking course. My teacher was so smart and challenging. She really pushed us every day. And, she always had on a cute outfit! 😋

Other than school, I’ve spent a lot of time at work since September. I work at a consignment store that specializes in antiques and vintage clothing. It’s really quite the interesting place and has opened my eyes up to a lot of one of a kind clothing and home decor. My entire outfit is from the store I work at, except for the bag and beret which are from another nearby consignment store. The dress I am going to sell. It doesn’t have stretch and it’s a bit short for me! These boots are the loves of my life. I got them for around $20. They were probably $200 originally! They’re genuine suede, Italian made. Ah. Gorgeous.

I’m planning to pick up working online once again. I would like to be able to have more free time to do stuff like this that makes my heart so happy. Also, I really enjoy going to school. It’s a lot of fun, but it takes up a lot of time! Group assignments and homework seemed to be constantly demanded of me. Haha! I also didn’t have any days off from school or work for the past 3 months. So, I was pretty exhausted all of the time! The only days I got off were when I was really ill. I’m going to hopefully be able to plan my schedules between work life and school life better next year!

What I’m wearing:

Beret & Backpack- Throwback Junction

Glasses, dress, tights, bracelet, boots- In Your Wildest Dreams

Xoxo, Kendall

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