Lingerie set c/o Adore Me.

Adore Me asked me to collaborate with them! I have never worn lingerie on my blog, so I was a bit nervous. I have to say that I was self conscious for the first time ever taking photos during this shoot. The results are cute though! I am totally all about these photos that my friend Cely captured for me in my bedroom. 🙂

Adore Me Adore Me Adore Me Adore Me

These beautiful macaroons are made in the heart of downtown Bakersfield! Yup, totally locally made. And, they’re gluten free! Which is a huge plus for my mom who is intolerant. The staff there is so sweet and helpful! Their interior is just as chic and gorgeously decorated as their specially made treats. ♥ If you’re ever in my hometown, stop by De Coeur Bake Shop! It’s delicious and perfect for instagram photos.

Adore Me Lingerie Set

Adore Me

Happy Sunday!

I love you all.


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