Cardigan sponsored by Aran Sweaters Direct

Aran Sweaters Direct provides gorgeous knitwear from Ireland. The cardigan that I am wearing is made from a special wool that is so soft and comfortable. It is perfect for cold weather to keep you warm, yet light enough to wear in warmer weather. What I really love about this sweater is the detailing. The buttons are a unique shape and carved from wood. Multiple patterns and textures cover this cardigan emphasizing its luxuriousness.

aran sweaters aran sweaters aran sweaters

I love taking photos in my alleyway since it is where this blog’s photography began. ♥

aran sweaters aran sweaters aran sweaters

For this outfit I wanted to tie earth tones into an edgy and grunge inspired look. The color of my sweater is a stunning green that goes perfectly with denims and neutral colors. aran sweaters aran sweaters

Lately this is how I have been dressing. Thanks to my boyfriend I actually own flat pairs of shoes now and I love it! Haha. He got me these docs and a pair of deep red converse that go with everrrryyything! It totally allows me to enjoy creating more casual outfits. He also bought me these shorts too which I had none of. Shorts are such an essential where I live due to the intense heat.

aran sweaters aran sweaters

I found this adorable brown knit tank top and black bag from my favorite thrift store downtown. ♥ Only spent $7 for both! The necklace is something my mom thrifted and gifted to me for Christmas a few years ago. Here I am wearing it for the first time. 🙂 Sometimes it takes me awhile to wear a certain piece if I don’t have the perfect outfit for it! I totally thought this necklace deserved to be a part of this post.

aran sweaters

P.S. Did you notice I got my nose pierced? I have a cute black opal stud in. I can’t wait until I can swap it with a ring!

aran sweaters aran sweaters

Where to buy: Aran Sweaters- Cable Knit Cardigan

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