Hat, pants, and shoes were items gifted to me. Sunglasses and shirt are sponsored.

I am so excited that the owner of Cosmic Drifters contacted me last month! She creates witchy, grunge, and best yet, sustainable designs. I loved everything on her website, so I decided to let her pick out what she would like me to style in a blog post. 🙂 This is first time I have ever trust someone to do so! Well, few weeks ago I received this beautiful little gem in the mail, a quality white t-shirt with an earthy yin and yang design. A top perfect for summer! I appreciate that not only it is a cute design that I will wear again and again, but that it is ethically made. cosmic drifterscosmic drifterskendallshoot (2 of 6)cosmic drifterscosmic drifterscosmic drifterscosmic drifters

What I’m Wearing:
Black Fedora- Nordstrom
Matte Reflective Horn Rimmed Sunglasses- Lot Fancy
Matte Lipstick ‘Sin’- MAC
Painted Quartz Necklace- Only Child London
Cosmic Drifters Yin Yang T Shirt- Cosmicdrifters.com
Golden Shawl- Vintage
Black High Waist Skinny Pants- American Apparel
Black Western Jam Shoes- TUK

I picked up this unique golden lamé shawl from a thrift store for only $3. When I came across it I couldn’t tell if it was a costume piece or not, but I fell in love with it regardless and wear it whenever I can! The first time I wore it was during my trip in San Fransisco at the beginning of the year… which I also need to make a blog post for! It proves itself as an essential to this outfit since it remains bohemian, compliments the yellow in the Yin Yang design, and also stays true to the dark elements going on here. I knew that the gold lamé would reflect beautifully during sunset. It also reminds me a lot of David Bowie, which makes my heart sing with joy.


I love you all.



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