During the first weekend of our stay in Washington my mom, aunt, cousin, and I decided to make a day of Seattle! It was a beautiful day to go exploring the city. We decided to walk to the Seattle Arboretum first. On our way there we passed by some grassy areas, perfect for people to walk their dogs, chill with a friend, or enjoy solo time. I spotted a little three-legged dog, geese picking at the grass, and a whole lot of boats out on the water.IMG_4857

exploring the city
The view from the bridge to get to the Arboretum!
exploring the city
Metalwork art structures next to the water.

IMG_4866 IMG_4868 IMG_4875

We made it past the crowd of people and across the bridge and onto the Arboretum! It was so beautiful, green, lush, with life sprouting everywhere. Visiting one of these plant sanctuaries is a must, I definitely recommend it. 🙂 I saw a really nice one in Everett as well. They’re all over the place!IMG_4879 IMG_4880 IMG_4882 IMG_4886IMG_4889


What I am Wearing: Newsboy cap- Woolrich | Plaid Flannel Dress- Tobi | Necklace- Shop Nin3 | Backpack- Betsey Johnson | Thigh High Sockcs- Factory Rock | Ankle Boots- Clark’s |

IMG_4892 IMG_4898 IMG_4899 IMG_4900 IMG_4905 IMG_4909 IMG_4911 Exploring the cityExploring the city Exploring the city

At this point we walked back past the grassy hills and made our way back to the cars. We were hungry!Exploring the city Exploring the city Exploring the city

First we went to see the Troll under the bridge! It was a very steep incline to the troll from where we parked, so my cousin and I made the journey ourselves to grab a photo op with the troll. He was huge to say the least, and is holding a big Beetle car in his clenched hand. His eyes are like silver marbles. He was not easy for me to climb either, and rather dusty. Little kids loved him! He was swarming with children when we first caught sight of him. He’s a very cool dude and definitely worth the effort to visit. He was actually built there in the 90’s to compete with drug dealers and junkies who were loitering this area. Eventually the troll became a landmark for art and drove out the drug dealers.Exploring the city Exploring the city Exploring the city

I have no idea where we ate, but it was SO GOOD. And reasonably priced. The drinks were so beautiful too!!! I ALWAYS have to get clam chowder when I am in Seattle. It’s my third time visiting now. 🙂 Exploring the city Exploring the city Exploring the city Exploring the city

I had so much fun this day! It was so nice to get to experience Seattle as an adult. I also went to a concert at The Showroom too!!!! I almost forgot to include that in my blog post because I couldn’t take my camera in there, haha. I went to see Say Anything, Teen Suicide, and mewithoutYou. I honestly only really enjoyed Say Anything’s set, which is what I came there for. The lead singer’s wife, Sheri Dupree, was there and performed to! It was so so sweet. ♥ The venue was really decadent and intimate too.

xoxo, Kendall

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