My mom and I got to spend a day together in the city having fun! We always get along the best, so we can never wait to have some time together to go shopping and eat good food. We spent most of our time in Pike’s Place and the Waterfront.Pike's Place

We met this charismatic, funny, easy-going, and talented jeweler in a House of Jade in Pike’s Market.

Pike's Place Pike's Place

A big pup I came across in a magic store!Pike's Place

I had to snap a quick picture of this girl’s awesome cardigan! It was the cutest outfit I saw during my entire stay in Washington!Pike's Place Pike's Place

A beautiful rose from the owner’s garden.Pike's Place

We also found this beautiful Mexican store, which I couldn’t be more happy about. I absolutely love all of the colors and the ladies working there were so sweet. I’m Chicana and proud. <3Pike's Place

All of these little trinkets were VERY expensive. Anywhere from $50 to $500. Pike's Place

The famous fish tossers of Pike’s Market! We visited the same weekend as Mother’s Day so it was packed with people looking for flowers and gifts.Pike's Place Pike's Place Pike's Place Pike's Place

These were tiny handmade flowers <3IMG_5065

We grew hungry at this point and decided to walk down to the Waterfront.IMG_5067 IMG_5068 IMG_5069 IMG_5070

There was a ton of construction going on in Seattle, and Washington in general! It was impossible to take any photos of the city without a massive crane being right in view. It’s awesome that they’re working on the city more though. It’s important to have pride in the place that you live and take care of it!Pike's Place Pike's Place Pike's Place

We decided to eat on the Waterfront. I’ve been this building with wooden sculptures a few times in my life now. 🙂 Pike's Place Pike's Place Pike's Place

You can see the workshop in which all of these life like creations are carved.Pike's Place Pike's Place

It was actually Cinco de Mayo! So, we decided to treat ourselves to some beers. We shared a burger and mouth watering crab stuffed mushrooms with melted cheese. <3Pike's Place Pike's Place

Where we ate! I definitely recommend this place. The prices were reasonable as well.Pike's Place Pike's Place

A ferry on the water. 🙂 I’ve taken it once, it’s such a beautiful experience. Pike's Place Pike's Place

And, finally, what the famous Pike’s Place looks like on the outside!

I hope that you all enjoy this travel diary entry. This was a really beautiful day to spend with my mom. It felt so great to be close to the water and in such a new environment. It’s a much different place than California!Pike's Place

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