Hat, sunglasses, one piece, and platform sandals were gifted to me. ♥

Happy #pridemonth! It can be difficult to talk about identifying as a queer person. As the ‘B’ in #lgbtq, I understand the journey of being different than the norm. Sometimes things make sense for you that won’t for other people, and that’s ok. Just stay strong and keep being yourself! You’ll find loving and accepting people sooner than later when you follow your heart ❤🌈

It’s healthy to share that part of your identity with the people closest to you. That way they truly know you as a person. If you don’t have the pleasure of being able to share your preferences without serious consequences, I feel for you and want you to stay safe and strong till you can seek your own place of acceptance ❤

I was very open about my sexuality in school growing up, but as an adult I’ve become more reserved about it. I think I fear people judging me or being afraid to befriend/date me! I have found that bisexual people get a bad rep from straight and gay people. They often perceive that we’re fakers, or actually just straight/gay/confused. People will stereotype you and cast judgements, but we’re all special people!!!!!!💙 who are actually pretty loving and cool! 💜 Don’t feel the need to meet stereotypes to satisfy other people’s perceptions, because you know who you are inside!!! And that’s enough. You will always have people that want to support you for you, however you express that! There is a community that cares for you! ☁

I discovered my preferences at a very young age. I had crushes on boys starting in kindergarten, and some crushes on girls from first grade onward. It was so natural and nothing that I questioned! Although I’ve always romantically been with men, I did question if I was gay right out of high school. But, I’m definitely not. There is a reason the term “bi-sexual” exists. Sexuality and romantic feelings are often on a spectrum and it just depends from one person to another where they land. While some people only prefer one gender, there are people in the world that don’t live by a strict gender based attraction.

My white and black striped top is Vintage

One Piece- Tobi.com

Platform Sandals- JCPenney

Flip it, flip it real good. 💋

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It was honestly a bit scary to post this! But, it is nice to be honest. Even if people may think differently of me or judge me. It’s worth it to be honest to myself and my fellow style baus’! 🙂 If you think about it you rarely see any bloggers display their sexuality or identity. So, it can be scary to come out as something different. Differences are what makes the world beautiful though!!! ♥ P.S. I’m a cis woman. I can feel neutral too, but I often don’t think about it or find it has an impact on my life.

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