Dress, blouse, and leggings are gifted items.


Hey y’all!
dress- http://asociete.com
leggings- http://cusii.com
Blouse- http://romwe.com

Well, I am on spring break and let me tell you, it’s going to be a pretty boring spring break… although, I do get to go to Venice beach again this Friday!!! I love seeing all the crazy people, they’re so artsy and fun.

Well today I am wearing this Betsey Johnson dress! I felt so crazy in this extremely pink color I had to tone it down by layering black elements over it! I forgot to take pictures of it, but there are some big ruffles on the butt, it’s pretty awesome and makes me feel like I am about to tango!
I got another pair of thermal leggings but from a different company called Cusii, I would say these are much warmer than the ones from iWearSin I had, but these have a rougher texture on the inside, but it’s not noticeable once you slip them onto your dainty lady legs! Which ones to get? Well I would say it depends on whether you want to be extremely warm or just warm, so let the climate decide for you what is necessary!


And oh yes, now for the Romwe giveaway winner! It was…
Sorry it took me so long guys, I’ve been outta the loop of blogging!


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