Hat, Sunglasses, Makeup, Necklace, Pop-On Nails, and Boots were gifted to me.

Every week I hit up the thrift store at least once or twice after work. It is a time when I can enjoy myself and find new treasures to give life to this blog! This weeks thrift store treasure is this unique ruffled chambray dress. I am assuming that this dress was very cheap to begin with as it’s made from a jegging like material. The cut and style of the dress is so cool that it sold me. It only cost me $5 and is very comfortable. ♥

chambray dress

Other Thrift Store Finds this Week:

This versatile bag! The chain straps of this bag can be adjusted as a double strap or single strap purse. It also only cost me $5 and is AMAZING. Don’t be surprised if you see it in future blog posts!

The other essential I found is this black belt. I was SO excited to discover it and that it fit my waist and hips so well! It is so difficult for me to find a high quality black belt that fits me. This only cost $3.

chambray dress chambray dress

You never have to spend much to look good! Where there is creativity, there is a way to elevate anything.

chambray dresschambray dress

I always receive compliments on these sunglasses because of the way you can wear them clear or as shades. They are very different and flattering.

chambray dress

Here I am in the Andrea boot again. I love these babies. The wonderful folks at Gee’Wawa sent these over to me. Their shoes are nothing but high quality. We are actually planning to shoot a lookbook together for this fall ♥

chambray dress chambray dress

What I’m Wearing: Sunglasses- Wear Me Pro | Makeup- Sephora Collection | Chambray Dress- Thrift | Purse- Thrift | Belt- Thrift | Andrea Boots- Gee’Wawa |

chambray dresschambray dress chambray dress chambray dresschambray dress

Keep Dreaming ♥

Love you all


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