Sunglasses, Dress, and Heels are gifted items.

My Archie’s Influence

When I was asked to work with the new Betty and Veronica line designed by Rachel Antonoff, I felt so excited! My mom grew up collecting Archie & Friends comic books. Therefore, I grew up seeing these comic books all over my house. I always felt so inspired by the doll-like and decade inspired styles of Betty and Veronica. My mom felt the same way about them, and even considered naming me Veronica! Throughout the comic series there is a never ending love triangle between Archie, Betty, and Veronica. They were always all friends in the end though.


Rachel Antonoff Rachel Antonoff Rachel Antonoff


Betty and Veronica‘ clothing line designed by Rachel Antonoff

I love how this twofer dress has a certain cartoon look to it! It also stays true to the old Archie comic books and what Betty and Veronica would have worn. The material of this dress feels great and it is soft. I love the sporty aspect of this dress too! I normally wear a size 4 and this dress is a size 0. It did not fit me very well around the breast area and was big overall. It’s really cute, but when you’re ordering know that this dress runs big! 🙂

Rachel Antonoff Rachel AntonoffRachel Antonoff

What I am Wearing: Twofer DressBetty and Veronica

Rachel Antonoff Rachel Antonoff Rachel Antonoff Rachel Antonoff


Kendall Kay




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