Hey everyone! I’m going to try out a travel diary section for this blog! I go on a few adventures a year and want to share them with you all here 🙂

I went on a mini vacation in February to San Francisco with all of my great friends from high school. The occasion was that my friend Davor flew back into the United States for 2 weeks. He is from Bosnia, but he was a foreign exchange student we were all close to during school. The foreign exchange system chose him and only a few others to give a speech to raise money for the program in Washington D.C. for one week and spend the other week anywhere they wanted in America. He chose to come back to Bakersfield where he spent some years in high school with us. We didn’t know when we would ever see him again after graduating in 2012, so it was so exciting to have him back!

Alejandro organized this trip to San Fransisco, where we were able to stay with another old friend from high school, Josh, and his boyfriend. The first day we arrived in Berkeley we packed away our things at Josh’s apartment located in the industrial district. We arrived late at night, so Josh took me, Alejandro, Rudy and Sonia, and Davor to a great view of San Francisco. It was such a clear night we could see everything perfectly. It was beautiful! And lots of couples making out on the big rock we were perched on. After an hour we decided to head back to the apartment and crash out.

We woke up early in the morning the next day and got ready for adventure! Josh and his boyfriend had to go to work for the day so we were left to tour the city on our own. Josh dropped us all off at BART(Bay Area Rapid Transit) where his boyfriend, Jeremiah, guided us on how to use it. It was my first time on public transit, and whew! It really went FAST. We arrived in the city right where this photo below shows. This was my third time in San Fran, but it’s beauty never ceases to amaze me <3

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What I’m Wearing in this Travel Diary: Newsboy Cap- Lord & Taylor (Similar) | Round Sunglasses- Romwe | 80’s Purple Gold Lamé Shawl- Vintage | Fishnet Shirt- Romwe | Faux Leather Crop Top- Similar | Black Circle Skirt- Diane von Furstenberg | Ankle Lace Up Boots- Shoptiques


We went straight for Chinatown and picked up some coffee! We also found plenty of cute souvenirs for loved ones back home. I picked out the kitty rings <3 We spent the day walking the entire city and taking photos along the way. The weather was perfect, honestly. It made it that much more of a joyful day. If you ever visit SF, consider traveling by foot, it’s not that big of a city to walk! It’s so worth all of the views. Later when we strolled through the whole city, we took an Uber to the Golden Gate Bridge. It was about sundown by then, we had been out since 11 a.m. and I was starting to feel tired and cold. The sunset was so magical against the ocean, with the gorgeous, iconic, bridge. I loved looking at all of the different plants growing along this coastal area. We stayed until the park closed around 8 p.m. and took an Uber back downtown. By this time I was almost crying from the pain in my feet from SO much walking all day. We had to go walk to Nordstrom where Jeremiah worked and walk back to BART. BART was much more action packed at night than early in the morning! Lol. Overall it was a perfect, amazing experience with my best friends. 🙂 There will be a part two to this travel diary! I hope you all enjoyed this one.


Hugs and happy adventuring,

Kendall xx

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