At the end of April, I decided to join my mom on a 2 week long trip to the Pacific Northwest, specifically Everett, Washington. My grandma had to have pacemaker put in and therefore would need about 3 weeks of recovery time and my mom’s assistance. My mom is not able to see very well and has her own plethora of medical issues that lead to confusion, so I could not let my mom board a plane by herself!!! I have never stayed somewhere outside of my hometown for that long, and the trip wasn’t necessarily going to be a fun filled vacation, so I was a little bit nervous to go, but I knew that I had to. Although I was hesitant at first, the excitement of being in a whole other state for half of the month was convincing enough to get over that fear and make the best of it. 🙂

My dad and brother drove us to Burbank, CA, at around 2 a.m. and we boarded our flight from the Bob Hope Airport at 6 a.m. We arrived at the Seattle airport around 9 a.m., greeted by my mom’s brother. My uncle drove us through Seattle and on to Everett. It was raining that day, everything was green and dewy. Unfortunately, I had forgotten to pack my shoes and only had the thin, comfortable loafers on my feet. I had to deal with sopping wet slipper feet for two days until I was able to make it out to the Outlets. A pair of boots were needed ASAP!! (Story continued below <3)

Enjoy photos from the first day of my trip below 🙂pacific northwest

LA from the plane <3pacific northwest pacific northwest

Mama and me!pacific northwest

First sights of Washington!pacific northwest pacific northwest pacific northwest

Driving on the freeway through Seattle. There is a lot of construction going on in that area of the state right now.

We arrived at my uncle’s house where my aunt made us a delicious pasta dish. I ate in silence as my family caught up over a glass of wine. I felt depleted after such an early morning, long travel time, and nothing but crackers and booze offered in the airplane. Now that I had time to sit and eat a real plate of food, I felt revived and ready for this adventure! My aunt’s talkative cat, Bitsy, kept me company with constant love while my mom enjoyed time with her brother. Bitsy and I traveled into the front yard to explore. I was delighted by all of the lush nature to be seen and the weather was perfect. With my camera always in hand, I took photos of all the beautiful flowers in their front yard. The trees are so much larger in Washington. California just doesn’t grow trees as abundant, beautiful, and large. It was mind blowing to be surrounded by such giants everywhere, where people were no longer phased by the enormous creations.


pacific northwest

Captured some beautiful flowers in my uncle’s front yard. 🙂 pacific northwest

They lived across from a church. Such a beautiful place to live!pacific northwest pacific northwest

My aunt’s cat, Bitsy!pacific northwest

What I’m Wearing in the Pacific Northwest: Newsboy Cap- Similar here | Peace Sign T-Shirt- Cosmic Drifters | Rainbow Scarf- Similar Here | Lime Corduroy Jacket- Thrift | Black Circle Skirt- Shop Similar Here |Textured Tights- Shop Similar Here |

After visiting with my aunt and uncle, they lent us one of their cars for the next two weeks and we said our goodbyes for the day. I drove about 10 minutes where my grandmama lives. We stayed with her in her old people’s apartments, which turned out to be pretty nice! I’m not close to a lot of old people and my hair was so blue I didn’t want any old coots to judge me. But, despite my nerves, everyone was nice to be around and actually loved my hair and style! I don’t think that they get a lot of visitors(which is sad!!!!! Visit your elders more, kids), but they definitely enjoyed my presence as something new to look at and gossip about. Her apartment was very cute and I was thankful that the blow up mattress was so comfortable. We settled in for the night and had a good night’s sleep after such a long day.


pacific northwest

In front of my grandma’s apartment <3


Kendall xx


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